Top 5 Essential Paddle Boarding Apps

You know what they say, ‘there’s an app for that’. Well, when it comes to apps to support your paddleboarding adventures, there are a few firm favourites here at Aquaplanet HQ.  We’ve rounded them up for you, so get downloading and start planning! 


What 3 Words (app)

  • Revolutionary way to navigate to any specific 3m point on the globe.
  • Easy to memorise or convey an exact location
  • Good for finding wild locations away from roads / paths, etc.
  • Works on GPS (i.e. without phone signal)
  • Increasingly used by emergency services

Water Quality / Campaigning

Safer Seas & Rivers Service (app / webapp)

  • Observe and monitor the water quality of Sea & Rivers around the UK
  • Find local bathing and paddling spots and check their water safety
  • Get Alerts about pollution and sewage discharges
  • Report health issues directly through the app to aid campaigning
  • Use the app to directly canvass your MP/Water Co. CEO for cleaner water.
  • Sign petitions to pressure governments to act to save our oceans.

Paddle Recording

Strava (app)

  • One of the biggest exercise monitoring/recording apps.
  • Now includes paddle sports as recordable activity
  • ‘Segments’ to help break up your paddle into fun sprint stretches
  • Compare your progress and performance with others or go for your PB
  • Form and join clubs – like The SUP Team – by Aquaplanet


Magic Seaweed (app / webapp)

  • The Surfer’s favourite
  • Surf specific info for surfing spots around the world.
  • Easy to read Tide, Wave, Swell and Weather information 
  • Webcams in many locations for realtime viewing
  • Galleries of user images at most spots

Weather (app / webapp)

  • Visually excellent animated wind and weather map
  • Shows lots of information in easy to digest form.
  • 10 day forecast for any location worldwide
  • Lots of info for outdoor sports: Wind, gusts, tides, waves, rain accumulation, weather warnings, etc.
  • Great for expedition and trip planning
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